Founding Of The Association In The U.S.

Narrated by former President of SMOSA USA, Ivy Nyarnor (’78 Alum)

The association was birthed by a few ladies from the ‘85 year group. They had a cookout, and decided to form an association and at that point they reached out to me. My cousin, who was also an Alumnus, contacted me and asked me to join their conference call that evening. I was the only senior that time on the call.

I followed up by meeting Nyarko Badu at her church, since I did not know any of the participants in the group and her church was very close to where I live. We started reaching out to other Alumni ladies whose phone numbers were given to me. We were able to get in touch with a few and decided on a cookout at Dorice Enchill's house to make it official. By God’s Grace, it was a success! I was elected President and others as follows:

Gifty Jonah

Nyarko Badu

Faustina Peprah

Dorice Enchill

Cece Flo

Rosemond Owusu

Mercy Owusu-Mensah

Vice President


Asst. Treasurer

Secretary I

Secretary II

Organizing Secretary I

Organizing Secretary II

This started in June 2011 and we were able to raise funds and purchased two water tanks for the school. Our goal at that time was to grow our membership. Despite the fact that we had a lot of names and addresses, most of the members were not joining the conference calls.

We've had 3 reunion and fund raising events in the past and this is the fourth year. We've formed an alliance with St Louis, Opoku Ware, Prempeh College and recently Yaa Asantewaa Secondary Schools. They will all be representing their schools at the event.

Senora Aye, wasn't an executive then, but she has been very instrumental within this organization, actively participating and coordinating each year’s event.

A word to all, you don't have to be an executive to lend a helping hand to this organization, bring your skills and expertise to the table to enable us to help the current students. God bless you All, Ladies!!!