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Please help support our cause by giving a donation in an amount of your choice. We are a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status and any donations made to us can be deducted under the IRC Section 170. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to hearing from you.

Our organization is made up of the School alumni in the United States that were privileged to have had the opportunity to be educated at the School. Our objective is to raise funds to help with selected projects in the School and to provide competitive learning opportunities for the young ladies that are currently attending the School.

We have raised funds and completed various projects for our Alma Mater within the last 4 years including:

• Digging a couple of boreholes on site for reliable clean water supply, meeting this basic need for life.

• Purchasing 100 African writer books to initiate a Book Club, with a shipment of 2 large boxes of various reading books for the school library.

• Providing scholarships on need and merit based, for 2 consecutive years before the Free SHS for a total of 12 students.

• Building a 12-seater restroom facility with sinks in the school admin block for the girls to use during classes time.

One of our next projects is to renovate the existing Infirmary/Dispensary for the girls and have access for a permanent nurse on site, especially in this time with the pandemic, to provide immediate care when needed and also ensure protocols are followed to keep the students safe. Some of the students had to go back to school to take their final exams.

We are also embarking a huge project to refurbish the current library, expanding it to more than double the current space. The plan is also to build it up with two extra levels to create more room and resources for the current school size of close to 3,000 students. The ground floor will be the reading rooms/spaces, with the next level as the main library and the third level will be a modern ICT lab and equip it with computers, softwares and resources to give the girls practical experience in their learnings. This will give them the tools to better prepare for college, tetiary school and higher education.

Our goal is to help make a difference to the current students and provide them with an environment that will promote learning with enthusiasm and passion, granting them the opportunities that some of us benefited from the Sisters of the Order of the Holy Paraclete (“OHP”). St Monica, mother of St Augustine, was the first African woman to be canonized as a saint and so when the Sisters of OHP came to Ghana from Whitby, North Yorkshire to set up an educational institution for girls, they named the institution after her, which is our School.

For more information, you can reach out to us through our Contact page.

We hope we can count on you to support our cause. Please donate any amount from your heart and click on the link below to do so now. Thank you for your generousity and kindness.

"Each for All and All For God"